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Want to join our Technicians team?

Hundreds and thousands of cafe/restaurant owners have joined Spherey from all over Saudi Arabia to manage their equipment and request services.

Joining such a platform enables you to tap into a market that you currently have very limited exposure to. 

We serve our customers with high quality work, and thus your skill-set, ratings, and availability will determine how well you do on Spherey. 

What sets us apart?

With smart self-diagnosis being done by the customer, you get all the important information of a job prior to visiting the site. This helps in reducing time wasted later on arranging tools and parts that were most likely required. Eventually, your availability increases, increasing the chances for getting more jobs.

We route service requests through different factors ensuring that only a skilled personnel would serve our customer. This allows us to maintain the highest standards of quality which we are very proud of.

Moreover, all your jobs are organized on a calendar. So, get up in the morning and plan your day, without stressing on what jobs will be available in the days to come as we have got that covered for you.

How to become a Spherey Technician?

Download the Spherey Technician app and sign up. Once your profile is complete, our team will review the information you shared and get back to you on getting started.

App available on: Appstore | Google Play

App available on: Appstore | Google Play

Can I join Spherey as a service providing company with a team of technicians?

Yes, you can!

You can write to us at with a request to become a service provider and we will help you and your technicians get started.

As a business owner, you will be able to view jobs assigned to each of your team member, add parts & products that you are offering, and see your business grow with Spherey on a portal designed for service providing companies.